Rachel Hill is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist who specialises in healing digestive problems and rebalancing reproductive health. She is also registered with the CHNC . 

Rachel Hill is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist who specialises in healing digestive problems and rebalancing reproductive health. She is also registered with the CHNC . 

Nutritional therapy looks at getting to the root cause of your illness. In doing so it predominantly works to resolve any digestive issues you may have and it is most common for deficiencies and imbalances in your gut to be affecting an illness.  
During your first consultation Rachel will review your health history and that of your family; your current and past symptoms; your current diet and lifestyle; and discuss supplements and medicines you are taking. 
Rachel can then provide nutritional Advice about foods and lifestyle changes which may help to relieve your symptoms, and foods which may actually be aggravating them. 
Rachel can provide recipes and food plans** for you to follow to help ease your digestive problems. 
Rachel can administer food intolerance tests from £99* in-house during your consultation. These are then sent off for external testing. 
Rachel can suggest a whole host of other functional tests (eg. stool, urine, saliva, blood) which may identify the route cause of your digestive health problems and/or hormone imbalances. Prices vary and are in addition to your consultation fees.  
Rachel can suggest supplements* which may help improve your health symptoms, or heal your digestive system. You are under no obligation to take these. 
Follow up consulations generally take place 4-6 weeks apart and will review improvements to your health; assess test results and consider further diet and lifestyle improvements and/or supplements where necessary. 
* Tests and Supplements are not obligatory, but will incur additional costs 
** Individual meal plans in addition to those already available will be chargeable at £120 payable in advance  

Price list 

Initial Consultation up to 90 minutes - £90 
Follow up Consultation 45 - 60 minutes - £60 
NB: Consultation fees cover your time in consultation whether that be in person, over the phone or on skype, plus time spent outside of the consultation time compiling follow up notes and/or emailing handouts and recipes where relevant, and time spent ordering tests) 
FREE 15 minute consultation 
Not sure if Nutritional Therapy is for you? Please feel free to book a FREE 15 minute consultation to take the opportunity to meet me and ask me any questions before embarking on a full treatment plan. 
**Individual Food Plans £120 
(payable in advance) 
* Food Intolerance Tests from £99  
(excl. consultation fees) 
Stool Testing from £various  
(excl. consultation fees) 
*Emails/Phone Calls in between consultations will be chargeable at £60 per hour (pro-rata) 

My Nutritional Therapy Journey 

This has been a long journey!! I first developed Chronic Fatigue back in 2002 following a very stressful holiday to Mexico. I was initially diagnosed with post viral fatigue by the NHS because they thought I had contracted something (unknown) on the holiday. It has only been as time has gone on, and being honest with myself, that I can admit that my high levels of anxiety pre the holiday, and during, (plus the Hurricane), sent my body's flight and fight response overboard, and into a state of utter exhaustion ... Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Years of anxiety, and at the time not really understanding what the sensations were, plus binge eating (when anxious) had also played havoc on my digestive system. 
When I first fell ill I realised what an impact gluten and sugar had on my digestion and anxiety and went on an anti-candida diet. This was the big fad at this time. I started to train as a Nutritional Advisor in 2004 and latterly as a Therapist. Gosh, so much has changed over the years and digestive health and theory, and that the gut is your second brain is constantly revolutionising and I find it fascinating. I have also treated myself successfully for parasites, dysbiosis, and am proud to say that my digestive system is pretty much restored. 
All these years on, I fully appreciate how I depleted my digestive health through stress and anxiety, (I would never have admitted this as my younger self!) and it has taken years to repair. Our digestive system is huge, and when we are stressed and hold the butterflies in our tummies, it has a huge impact. It is also an on-going journey and I still avoid gluten and limit sugar because these have drastic impacts on the level of fibromyalgia inflammation. I also limit dairy as this can trigger pain in my right knee!! I have adored cooking from a young age and think that my love of cooking fully supports my Nutritional Therapy work because I am always trying new recipes, and looking at ways to make regular meals, healthier. Fortunately my husband eats whatever is put in front of him and never complains!!  
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